Highly Effective Strategies for Video Learning

Videos are gaining ground as a way to improve teacher practice, parent communication, and at-home student learning. Benefit from existing exemplar video sources to develop a community of learners or create your own. The possibilities for video learning are endless. Let us show you how to use existing exemplar videos to develop professional learning or create your own learning video with guided instruction.

As we were working on this presentation, we kept thinking, " What are fast, easy, and doable ways to create or edit a video today and use it tomorrow?" We know you have limited time. You want to flip your classroom, support your parents, engage your students, learn with other teachers.

1. Using Videos: Professional Learning
What makes these videos a greater learning experience? What makes a good teaching/learning video?
  • Teaching Channel
  • Inside Mathematics
  • Read, Write, Think
  • Learner.org
Using Video to improve practice

2. Using Videos: Student learning
What makes these videos useful and engaging for students?
  • LearnZillion
  • PBS.org
  • Khan Academy

3. Using Videos: Parent communication(links in Symbaloo below)
  • ParentTedTalk
  • Oxford Owl - short videos on ways to help at home

4. Planning your video
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your goal? edit or create?
  • What is your topic?
  • What editing or creating tool will you use? (The simpler the better)
  • Where will you put your video?
  • How will you share your video?

Video Planning Template

5. Sharing Video examples
  • Quick Youtube download (adding ss)
  • wikipage or another website
  • QRCode
  • access code -EDPuzzle, LearnZillion
  • url link

6. Create your own video examples and upload really quickly
  • phone examples

7. Create a lesson using a YouTube video-Big Picture
  • TedED Lessons worth sharing Ed.ted.com

8. Create/Edit a Video

Create a Video Using Screencast-o-matic

How to Record a Video with Screencast-o-matic (basic directions)
Screencast-o-matic tutorials

9. Your Turn- Work Time
  • Edit an existing video
  • Create a short video of your own
  • Enhance a video with notes or additional resources