Do the Math Training-Sept. 29, 2011
Learning Targets:
  • I am able to articulate ways to support struggling students
  • I understand the structure and components of the DTM modules
  • I am able to DTM in the addition and subtraction modules
  • I will begin thinking about a ‘next steps’ plan to help my struggling student using the pre-assessments, RTI model and interventions in DTM
Overview and introduction
  1. 1. Read article-9 ways to help struggling students and see how Marilyn Burns used this article as the foundation piece for the DTM
    1. a. Everyone read to Essential strategies-Large group shareout
    2. b. Pair up and jigsaw 9 strategies-Shareout
    3. c. Everyone read When should we offer Intervention?
    4. 2. DTM video-introduction by Marilyn Burns
    5. 3. Program Guide
  • Note the three key elements of effective intervention on p5
  • Modules 8,9 we will be focusing on Addition and Subtraction-Tell them about our scores
  1. 4. Suggested RTI model-show them those resources. We will come back to this at the end of the day to plan next steps
About the DTM modules
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Video-about the DTM addition/subtraction module-video
Digging into the modules
  • Module A –
  • Read one lesson in its entirety, play game
  • Note the strategies used
  • Note the web on p13Module B-
  • Video-Challenges of addition and subtraction
  • Play the games-note the different kinds of subtraction, the different strategies Do one of each of the strategies
Module C
Be sure and cover
  1. 1. Pre and post assessment
  2. 2. Evaluation after lesson 5 to determine if it is the right module
  3. 3. The differentiation at the end of each of the 5 lessons
  4. 4. The web at the end of the module
  5. 5. Community news-games to take home
What are your next steps
  1. 1. Go over the DTM plan of implementing modules-year behind, two years behind, etc.
  2. 2. Go over the Investigations correlations-Will you front load or do the module after the unit is taught.
  3. 3. Reflection