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Create, Customize, and Assess with NEARPOD

Interactive, customizable lessons are gaining ground as a way to flip learning. The possibilities for interactive learning are endless from using pre-existing free interactive lessons, to creating your own lesson, to entering a platform of totally editable lessons and units that can be assessed.
Let's dive deeply into one tool. Let's look at NEARPOD.

  1. Explore what Nearpod has to offer: multimedia presentations with interactive features such as quizzes, videos, polls, drawing tools, and more
  2. Learn how Nearpod’s Teacher dashboard shares content with students and manages the flow of the lecture.
  3. See students’ answers in real time on the Nearpod app.
  4. Enjoy both Nearpod Live Sessions (content is synchronized in both teacher and students’ devices) and Nearpod’s Homework mode (self-paced presentations for students to explore at their own pace)
Your Turn with Nearpod - Checklist of helpful links and hints from Nearpod
How to Guide to Nearpod from Making Tech Simple
Nearpod Resources
Nearpod Community Resources
  • Sign up for free webinars
  • Ways to share Nearpod with your colleagues
  • Tips on leading a workship - presenter's guide and checklist

Nearpod - How it Works
  • Quick overview of how Nearpod works
  • Nearpod benefits
  • Devices that Nearpod works with
  • Self-paced courses to learn more about Nearpod